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How to Transfer Cryptoasset

Internal transfer of cryptoasset among addresses on the exchange is possible without involving the blockchain, thereby saving transaction cost and time. A transfer fee of 0.1% is applied to the sender for every transfer.

1. Log in

Log in to your AmPmCx account.

2. Select "Transfer"

Navigate to the "Funds" button on the top navigation bar and select "Transfer".

Funds Button

3. Transfer Page

You will be directed to your Bitcoin transfer page.

4. Select Cryptoasset

Enter into search the name of your desired cryptoasset and select the intended asset from the dropdown list.


Select Cryptoasset

5. Free Balance

The top section of your transfer page shows the free balance of your cryptoasset.

Free Balance

6. Transfer Form

Follow on-screen instructions to proceed.

Transfer Form

7. Enter Address

Enter the recipient address. This address must exist on the exchange. Pay attention to the address format and asset type. A red-outlined input field indicates error in input format.

8. Enter Amount

Transfer amount must not be less than the minimum.

9. Transfer

Click "Transfer".

10. Two-factor Authentication

If you've enabled two-factor authentication (2fa), you will be prompted to verify your identity. See how to turn on 2fa.

Tfa Form

11. Enter 6-digit OTP

Open your authenticator app and enter the 6-digit one-time password (OTP) to verify your identity.

12. Verify

Click "Verify".

13. Email

An email of your transfer request will be sent to the address you signed up with.

Transfer Request

14. Transfer History

The bottom section of your transfer page shows your recent transfers.

Transfer History